Mellifluous was established in 2015. Originally a twenty-something lifestyle blog, over the past year Mellifluous has transformed into a general UK Lifestyle blog. Mainly because the blogger can’t help but chat to everybody. Here you will find reviews on books and beauty, personal experience posts, travel and some dog-blogging.

What is Mellifluous? It means ‘smooth, sweet or musical to hear’.

I suppose I was looking for something whimsical, which is how I would like to live my life.

Bring your mugs of tea – I have lots to share with you all!

The Blogger

I’m Holly, the blogger here are Mellifluous. I’m 25, living near Sheffield, UK . Or near the Peak District if you want to romanticize it.

I’m a part-time blogger, writing is definatley my passion, but I hold down a full-time job as an administrator.

I’m a tea-addicted, animal lover. I LOVE to try new things, especially if it involves beauty, fashion or travel.

You’ll usually find me trying on shoes in a shop or testing new beauty products at home. Other hobbies include singing in the shower, being socially awkward with a dash of sarcasm and basically being Bambi in high-heels.

The Dog

Bailey came to me as a 21st birthday present from Mr Mellifluous. He’s an English Springer Spaniel, which means he has a lot of energy, but is incredibly loving. He’s five this year (25th September), I cannot imagine life without him.

Bailey is a pampered pooch, his past-times include; sleeping on my bed, stealing socks, shoes and remotes. He loves a good long walk too.

As Bailey is such a huge part of my life, he’ll definatley be popping up on the blog from time to time.

You can also find a photo post of Bailey here.

BaileyHow Can I Get in Contact with You?

You can find out more on my Contact page, but if you want to follow along with me;


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