5 Top Tips for a Budget Friendly Staycation

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I said I would bring you a budget post today and I’m going to deliver! I started writing another post, but our recent visit to Ox Pasture Hall Hotel got me thinking about travelling in the UK. How much it costs (sometimes more than going abroad), and how to keep  the cost down.

You all know I like to keep an eye on those purse strings, and I love to travel and see new places as well as visiting old favourites. But, how do people do it without breaking the bank?

Simply put, most people with set out with a plan. I mentioned before we went on our trip to North Yorkshire that I was following a little itinerary…I want to share with you all my secrets of keeping costs down.


Before heading off anywhere (including abroad) always check tripadvisor and local pages (Visit Yorkshire for example) to see what the attractions are, recommendations of places to eat and places to stay. You’ll often find that other travellers leave information regarding pricing of meals etc. as not everyone has money to burn on basic commodities.


You can find memberships for pretty much everything these days. Some are free and others require payment. All offer great discounts on products from various brands and chains. The Youth Hostel Association (England and Wales) already offer budget accommodation, in various locations across the country, but with membership you can get an additional £3 off per person per night. Membership with them is cheaper if you pay by direct debit too! And if you’re travelling often then you’ll get the price of the membership back quite quickly.

Discounts and Offers

On a similar note to membership, it’s certainly worth checking to see if there are any special discounts or offers from companies to keep things budget friendly. Money Saving Expert has a list of discounts from well-known businesses here. This includes day-trips, cinemas etc.

It’s also worth visiting the hotel website directly to see if they have any offers on before booking. It might be that you’ve had a particular date in mind, but it’s worth checking if you could visit for a cheaper price at another time.

Oh, and visiting a pub or restaurant for a meal or drink? Check their websites for special offers and discounts too. I’ve often found that pubs will give you a discount on your meal or a free drink if you sign up to their newsletter.

Setting a Budget for Spending

If you know you can only afford X amount for spending whilst you’re away then stick to it. Walk into a shop or restaurant and find that the price is too high? Walk away.

There’s no shame in admitting to yourself that something is out of your price range. It’s the same a deciding not to buy that Gucci handbag or those Prada shoes and opting for a high street bargain instead. Some things are just too expensive for your budget.

Save, Save, Save!

OK, so you don’t want a budget staycation after all? That’s fine.

If you’re wanting to splurge on a holiday or mini-break then make sure you save in advance. If you know when you want to travel and when you want to go then book in advance so you can pay off your stay in installments. Put aside other monies for when you do travel and have an idea of where you want to go. And how much that will cost of course! We all know there’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere only to sit about for a few days because you can’t afford to do anything.

What are your best tips for a staycation on a budget?


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